Virgo Woman


If you are a Virgo woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Virgo woman, this is the right place. Know about Virgo woman characteristics.

Virgo Woman

Ruled by Mercury which is known as the sign of the critic, a Virgo woman is usually dependent, diplomatic, perfectionist, and practical. She is also shy and modest in nature. Her most prominent quality is her nature of giving attention to each and every detail. She just cannot overlook any faults, whether they are her faults or others'.

Positive traits of the Virgo woman:

The Virgo woman is one active and health conscious woman. She is also caring, loving, helpful to others and reliable.

In Friendship:

Being reliable in nature, the Virgo woman is liked by all her friends. She is supportive towards them in all their efforts. Her analytical thinking is useful in helping her friends to solve their troubles. She is usually very loyal and dedicated to her friends and will help them in their times of need.

In Love:

She is more of an old-fashioned partner when it comes to relationships. However, she is very dedicated and loyal towards her man. She will never cheat on him as she believes in being faithful in a relationship.

At Work:

The Virgo woman's nature to analyze and think through everything in detail makes her a very efficient worker. Also, she is very dedicated towards her work and will look for minor details and faults in the task she is given. This is where her analytical skills come to great use.

Negative traits of the Virgo Woman:

The Virgo woman can come across to be very interfering, skeptical and overtly critical. She is a bundle of nerves too, though she doesn't show it.

In Friendship:

The Virgo woman can be extremely interfering at times. She will try to improve her friends' lives by thinking that she is helping them. But others don't view it as helpfulness, but term this behavior to be interfering. But the fact is that she doesn't realize that she is interfering. Her interference is to such an extent that it leaves her friends uncomfortable.

In Love:

She also tends to find faults in her partner and her relationship. Since she is very analytical, she dissects each and every detail in the relationship and this can make her partner feel bad about it. She can also nag about her relationship if she finds fault with it. This can slowly affect the relation in a negative way.

At Work:

The Virgo woman is very nervous and worried and this can bring about tensions in her professional life. This nervousness leads her to becoming less confident in her work and thus her performance diminishes. Her being nervous at all times also makes her coworkers irritable.

So, the Virgo woman is generally caring and helpful in nature, but her critical behavior can sometimes lead to bad consequences.


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