Life Path Number 8

Life Path Number

Is your life path number 8? Find out the meaning of life path number 8. Know about life path number 8 compatibility, career, love, positive and negative traits.

Life Path Number 8 Meaning

The path of the Warrior is the path of the people born with the Life Path Number 8. These people take each day as a challenge and they live life for this very challenge. They love to test themselves by taking difficult paths in their own lives. Number 8 people live each day with the thrill of overcoming new challenges and exceeding their own expectations. Without this adventure, life becomes boring and meaningless for them. They know that nothing comes without hard work and struggle and they try to live up to the challenge.

How to find out if your life path number is 8?

The life path number is calculated from your complete date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy).
1) Consider a sample date of birth: May 14, 1879 (05-14-1879).
2) Add all the digits of your month, date and the year (all 4 digits of the year) together.
3) In this case, add 5+1+4+1+8+7+9 = 35. Keep adding till you get a number from 1-9, 11, 22 or 33.
4) So, add the digits in 35, i.e., 3+5 = 8.
5) Hence in this case, the life path number is 8.

Life Path Number 8: Love

People born with life path number 8 are very independent in their relationships, yet they know where to draw the line. They are rational and care immensely about their partners. However, they lack the ability to show this affection to their better half which might cause misinterpretations. Number 8 people take their love life very seriously indeed. As they are sharp judges of character, they seldom have difficulty in understanding a person at the starting phase of the relationship and thus, do not leave any scope for mistakes. Heartbreaks in their case are extremely rare. However, their materialistic nature may seem to be irksome to their life partners.

Life Path Number 8: Career

Politics, business, management, real estate, finance, law, archeology and sports are good career options for people born with life path number 8. These people have very high levels of persistence and endurance. They love competition as they feel it brings out the best in them. It is generally number 8 people who have the 'rags to riches' like stories. Such individuals are lucky. When opportunities come knocking at their door, they are very good at spotting these opportunities and utilizing them to the maximum. Their biggest competition is from themselves and this zeal to excel gives them their passion to live.

Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 8

Success is all that a warrior lives for. Life path number 8 people constantly create obstacles for themselves in order to excel and emerge victorious. They keep setting targets for themselves that they achieve at any given cost and love competition as they think it helps polish them better. They are extremely self-reliant individuals who hate dependency of any sort, especially when success is at stake. Number 8 people are great judges of character and seldom trust anyone but themselves. They are highly confident, ambitious and powerful people who have their targets in mind. Their charismatic character makes them a figure to respect. They seldom lose and that too not without a fight. The word 'average' does not exist for them as for them in their life there is either success or failure. Individuals with life path number 8 are blessed with tremendous luck. They are very good at identifying opportunities and using situations to their benefit. They pay great attention to the way they dress and present themselves before the world. They are quite conscious about their appearance and this goes well with their charismatic personality. They have a great influence over people.

Negative Traits Of Life Path Number 8

There are some negative aspects about these individuals as well. People born with life path number 8 are somewhat materialistic in nature and this affects their personal life at times. They get so caught up with their zeal to fight and their passion to succeed that their loved ones tend to be ignored. They lose the harmony and balance of life at times. Their spiritual inclination is at times dominated over by their materialistic desires. Charity and generosity lacks importance in their lives. Their family might find them to be emotionally cold and thus hold back their feelings in fear of their insensitive and heartless nature. Greed and lust can take over them if their ambitions are not taken hold of. Once their negative side takes hold of them, it is very difficult to get them back on the right track.

Celebrities With Life Path Number 8

Some celebrities born with Life Path Number 8 are Giorgio Armani, Neil Armstrong, Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Campbell, Deepak Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Penelope Cruz, Matt Damon, Ted Danson, Hilary Duff, Bob Dylan, Richard Gere, Enrique Iglesias, Martha Stewart, Ben Stiller, Elizabeth Taylor and Robin Williams.

People born with the life path number 8 consider life as a battlefield where they have to overcome every day's challenges and emerge victorious. Unlike other people, competition does not deter them but on the contrary it motivates them to prove themselves better. They may be achievers in life but their greed and materialistic nature may drive them away from the ones they hold dear.


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