Your one smile brightens up the day,
Makes it special in the morning
When you look outside the window
The fresh breeze comes on your face,
Makes you look so charming full of grace
My baby a very good morning to you
A day so lovely and new!

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You stay in my heart do you know
You do stay in my mind,
When I open my eyes in the morning
I think about you being kind
Because you are my destiny girl
Can't think a day without you
Baby I truly love you
Wishing a very good morning to you
Have a lovely day too!

The morning glory on your face
So pretty looks your glowing grace
Things that I keep in my heart
But you have wonderful start
Just want to express it to you
That you mean so much to me
Good morning my love
Have a lovely day!

Another morning, another day to prove how much I love you. Good Morning princess. Have a wonderful day ahead sweetheart.

I want to be the first one to wish you good morning
The first one to wish you a day so bright
Coz your smile means so much to me
It makes my day so alright
Your love has a crazy effect on me
In the morning, also I want to see
You my love
Good morning to you!

You sleepy head get off your bed
Look in the mirror and do smile
You look so sexy in the morning
No you look the same all the while
The first morning rays on your face
Oh that face and morning grace
Baby have a lovely day
Wishing you a very good morning for today!

The rays of the sun on your lovely face,
That beautiful smile of yours and lovely grace,
I so wish I could hug you tight,
Because I love you with all my might,
Good morning my dear,
Smile and spread the cheer!

Just like the sun rises every morning and promises to breathe life into this planet, I'll be there for you always. I love you! Good Morning!