A person like you is a blessing for all those around. I love you so much my dear princess. Now get up fast and meet me soon coz I have been waiting for you for so long. Good Morning and lets have a blast today.

Other Popular Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend


Get up and do not leave your bed
Because I want to cuddle
Some kisses so that you feel so sweet
That is my way oh pretty to greet
The morning cheer all your way
So that you have an amazing day
Good morning my love!

Good Morning to the person who makes every day so special and beautiful in my life. You shine brighter than the sun for me, baby!

I wake up smiling because of you,
All day I feel so fresh and new,
It's because of the magic of your love,
It is because of you,
Your face is like the fresh dew,
That freshens up my life,
Good morning to you,
Keep smiling!

Get up my dear sleeping beauty and spread your love and charm all around. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good Morning to my lovely.

The early morning dew,
And your pretty smile,
Makes me realize, how lucky I have been,
All the way and while,
Because I have you in my life,
Because without you I can't suffice,
I love you,
Good morning to you!

With you I get a reason to smile,
With you I find my way,
Because of your wonderful voice,
Awesome goes my day,
So, wishing you a lovely morning!
Have a lovely day!

The cool morning breeze makes me
Realize the importance of you
Baby there is not a single moment
When I truly don't think of you
In the night and its charm
To the morning glory
You are always on my mind
Wishing you a lovely day
Good morning to you!