Every morning brings a new scope,
Every morning brings a new hope,
So take every day as a new day,
Have a lovely day,
Good morning!

Other Popular Motivational Good Morning Messages


Think big and you will be there
What is one that makes you scared,
Let go of your fear to win
You will get where you want to in life
There may be a bit strive
But happiness is waiting for you
Wishing a very good morning to you!
Have a lovely day too!

Don't start your new day with the
Thoughts of yesterday,
Because every new day has a new story,
And your part to play,
So, feel blessed this morning,
Wish you a lovely morning!

Early in the morning,
My only wish for you,
Is that you keep smiling forever in life,
May all the dreams come true,
Wishing a lovely morning to you,
Good morning!

Dream big as it is another day
A day when you can spread the cheer
A new day will bring in lot of smiles
A day when you can start with a new prayer
And see good things that are going to come your way
Coz today is the start of another new day
Wish you a lovely good morning!
Have an amazing day!

Never have any regret of yesterday,
Because it is gone,
Always get inspired on a new day,
Because it will help you get on your way,
So stay positive and keep smiling,
Wish you a lovely morning!

There can be reasons to make you sad,
There can be ways that are too bad
If you lose your precious smile
You will lose all in your life,
Be it dark or in the light
Do not lose your smile,
Stay happy and keep smiling in life
Wishing you a good morning
Have a nice day!

A day has just begun for you
You need to smile all through
Don't think what happened yesterday
Coz today is a brand new day
Make the most of your day today
Wishing a very good morning to you!
Feel all new this day!