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If We Can Change The World Someday

If We can change the world someday,
This crumbling world of evil play.
We might start with the shameless good leaders,
Slap them all, the corruption breeders.

Then moving on, and thinking high,
We'll grant every honest soul with powers to fly.
No one would bother the traffics and hooters,
Flying around in peace, over the potential looters.

If we can change the world someday,
This crumbling world of evil play.

Then drifting on to the emotional side,
Gifting all with a new pride,
To start again in this reviving world,
So that equality strikes us at once, as things uncurl.

But most importantly, for the betterment of our new world, we dream,
We'll have to take the sinners out, and the measures shall be extreme.
But if we spare no mercy, and slay all those who greed,
I wonder who will form this new world, since to cheat is now a human need.


A Simple Thought

A thought has just crossed my mind,
If I find the life clock and choose to rewind.
The jokes, the smiles, with friends surrounded,
No worries, no dates, till we grew narrow-minded.

I wish I could just go back in time, and chill around with an peaceful mind,
Close my eyes, and breathe in no cabals, and run away from this world unkind.

Where everyday new ideas just popped, like all carried some manner of idea bags
If back in time now, I will strap the bag and use them all to avoid the lags
That all of us are forced to face today, in the rat-race of greed and strife,
'Coz it is only with time that you realize, an idea can save your life.

But the strangest thing, true to all, good or bad, brave or not,
Remember the times, of hunger and laughter, while with friends smoking pot
Back in time, when you were young and all you dreamt,
Is to find a life clock, smile in to a mirror and skip to a beautiful end.


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