Taurus Man And Cancer Woman


Are the Taurus man and Cancer woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Taurus man and Cancer woman.


Taurus Man - Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

A Taurus man is extremely stubborn while a cancer woman is always emotional. There are many traits in common for both, which is one reason why they stick together like glue in most situations. The pair is ideal and rarely one that embarks on a conflicting journey with each other

However, one thing that could cause turmoil between the two is the moody behavior of the Taurus man. A Cancer woman is very sensitive and emotional in nature. If a Taurus man would snap at his mate, she would be distraught. Also, a Taurus male can get a little over-possessive in nature, which will be comprehended as 'jealous' by the Cancer woman. Since this will not go down well with her, it would lead to a few cracks in the relationship. However, overall, the compatibility amidst them is very high. Both individuals would share a relationship full of romance, zeal and devotion.

Thus, a Taurus man and Cancer woman share a very strong bond in their relationship. They gel emotionally as well as physically because the Taurus male knows the affinity a Cancer woman has towards the upkeep of a family and a home. Similarly, the Cancer woman adds to the Taurus man's need of practicality in his life. The other characteristic which is common in the two is that they both love to spend time at home. They are not very outdoorsy.

As such a Taurus man and Cancer woman pair is one of the most compatible pairs in the zodiac calendar. Both are insightful, expressive and thoughtful. Taurus male offers the protection that is the basis of the Cancer female's existence. She reciprocates his safety by giving him love and devotion.


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