Taurus Woman


If you are a Taurus woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Taurus woman, this is the right place. Know about Taurus woman characteristics.


Taurus Woman

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign and is ruled by Venus. Taurus represents the bull and just like the bull, the Taurus woman is adamant in her behavior and has a resistance to change. She is someone with a cool and calm exterior, great self-discipline, is loyal, patient and able to handle difficulties.

Positive traits of the Taurus woman:

The Taurus woman is dependable, and can deal with stressful situations. She is affectionate and caring towards others, very reliable, physically and emotionally strong, gentle and conventional.

In Friendship:

The Taurus woman is a very reliable friend and she can go to great lengths to be with her friends. If ever someone needs help, they can surely go to their Taurus friend. She is also very dependable and can be helpful in times of need. She regards her friends as very important in her life.

In Love:

As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, the Taurus woman is very romantic in nature. She wants her man to give her constant assurances of his love and affection. In return, she gives back the love and is faithful and very dedicated to the relationship.

At Work:

She is able to handle her work very efficiently as she is good at handling difficulties. She won't buckle under pressure as she has strong self-discipline. She can also do well with her coworkers and since she doesn't believe in taking risks, she will never make any rash decisions.

Negative traits of the Taurus woman:

She is adamant and resists any sort of change in her life. She is materialistic and strives for too much of stability in life.

In Friendship:

She doesn't like any changes; so if her friends change any of the plans, she will not tolerate it. She is also not open to trying out different things and this can make her boring to hang out with.

In Love:

Though she is extremely loving and caring about her partner, the Taurus woman is also very possessive and this makes her jealous often. Sometimes she can even have a burst of anger at her partner due to jealousy. This possessiveness can bring about problems in the relationship. Also, if she somehow feels insecure in the relationship, she will start being edgy and irritated about it.

At Work:

The Taurus woman can't really generate new ideas. She lacks in originality and this can lead to her being laid-back at work. She can work well once a task is assigned to her, but if asked to create a plan or new idea, she fails at it. Sometimes, she also tends to be lazy and this hinders her work.

The Taurus woman is a mixture of positive and negative characteristics which makes her different from the rest.


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