Lots of dreams in her eyes

Everything was going smooth and I had planned a big surprise for Christmas. But, destiny had other plans and I lost my job two months before Christmas. My little girl had many dreams in her eyes last Christmas. She is my ten-year-old daughter; I wanted the best for her as well. I did not wanted to break her heart so I told her that I would get whatever she wanted for Christmas despite of my financial crunch. I had full faith in God that something better would turn up. That day she was quiet and she just smiled at me.

The next day I got a letter kept under my pillow and it read, "Mom it's ok if you cannot plan a Christmas surprise for me. It is ok if you cannot gift something special to me. It is ok if you cannot give me what you thought of. Just wrap my old toys and keep them under the tree this Christmas. What matters is the love that I can see you have for me. All the memories we will make on Christmas would be valuable for me. Your love is enough Mom." I was stunned after reading the letter and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks. My little one has grown so big; last year's Christmas was surely the best for me.

Christmas is surely the best time of the year.