I had planned so many things

Everything was good until I received a dreadful news last Christmas Eve. I had planned so many things with my family and friends. The news just shook me to no end. I lost my Grandfather as he suffered a major cardiac arrest. My Grandfather was really close to me and I looked up to him for small things in life. I had planned a big celebration and I had bought a special gift for him as well.

Last Christmas Eve, as I was ready with my gifts and preparations, I was dancing to some Christmas tunes. My Granddad and Grand mom were supposed to reach at 8 in the evening. At 7.30, I got a call that my Grandfather is no more. I was so shocked that I hardly reacted...there were tears in my eyes on Christmas Eve. Christmas is here this year too but my Grandfather is not with me. I am missing him so much. I am missing the hugs he used to give me. Christmas will never be the same without him. I am really sad today but also happy that he gave me so many memories for life. I pray that he stays in heavenly peace forever, I miss you my Grandpa on this Christmas day.