An angel in disguise

We had lost all hopes of celebrating Christmas last year as my Dad had lost his job. My Mom also ran out of money because of household financial expenses. I had savings but that was not enough for us to make our Christmas memorable. Least we thought would be going to church and lightening a candle. No gifts and no elaborate expenses was our way of Christmas celebration last year. I was really disheartened about the situation as I thought that Christmas comes once a year and we should celebrate it with a little bit of cheer.

A distant uncle came to visit our house two days before Christmas and came to know about our plight. He was good to us and motivated me that everything will be all right in due course of time. Suddenly on Christmas Eve, our doorbell rang and someone gave us an envelope that was full of cash. It was from the uncle who had visited two days back. It had a letter, which read, "I am not giving this money to you as a charity, but as a loan. Please go ahead and celebrate Christmas with the same joy in your heart. Return me the money once you have it and it will make me happy." Suddenly there was a spark on my face and my Mom and Dad accepted the money with joy. Last year, there was an angel who I call my distant uncle. I will never forget him and that Christmas celebration. After six months, we did return him the money :)