Taking the time out for me

I still remember the surprise I got last year from my parents on Christmas Eve. I study at a far away university and often feel lonely without my family. I remember that I had called up my parents a week before Christmas to ask them about their Christmas plans. My Mom told me that she is busy with her meeting and Dad told that he is going out of town. I thought that my parents do not have time for me. When was the last time I saw them? When was the last time they came to my university to meet me? When was the last time I got a Christmas surprise from them?

It was on the Christmas Eve; I got the news that my parents have come down to meet me. I was so surprised that I hardly reacted actually I was so happy with the surprise. My parents came along at my place and hugged me tightly. They bought so many gifts for me as well. When I asked them that weren't they busy on Christmas? They told that they wanted to surprise me and see a smile on my face. I still remember that moment and I will cherish that moment for a lifetime. My parents love me so much and I am surely lucky.

That was the best Christmas ever!