Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time the Elf, Rudolph and Santa got into the hot bath tub,
As it would keep them from the cold outside, when they got a little scrub.
When Frosty saw what they were doing he laughed and poked fun at them,
Santa was so embarrassed and didn't know what to say to Frosty, his cutest gem.
So in his defence he told Frosty to enter the hot bath tub instead of finding flaws.
He thought this would make Frosty realize what a cool idea it really was.
But when Frosty got in, the temperature of the tub changed from hot to cold,
And within seconds the Elf, Rudolph and Santa froze.
They froze not just because it was too cold to bear,
But they froze when they realized their culprit has melted in the hot tub there.
Poor Frosty!