City Of Sins

Once upon a time there was a city of sins,
where mean and brash people had their inns.
Murders, robbery and theft was what they did,
In their evil world was where they finally hid.
One fine day, God decided to pay them a visit,
He finally took the form of a child and did it.
The moment they saw God's face, they were ashamed,
On each other they decided to put the blame.
For each of them was afraid to go to hell,
They were so scared as the church began ringing bells.
Guilt and shame, the murderers were afraid to show,
So they finally decided to kill God to get rid of this blow.
They caught hold of him and poked nails in his hands,
They put a crown on his head and threw him on the land.
All that was not enough, so they hung him on a cross,
After he died, they realized that it was they own loss.
They had killed the God who had loved them so,
Much more than the sinners could ever know.
God didn't mind if his suffering and death was arranged,
For the pain would be worth it, if his children changed.
After his death the people realized their mistake,
They wept and cried as their minds finally were awake.
They begged God for forgiveness with every honest tear they shed.
God listened to their prayers, Easter came by and God rose from the dead.
May this Easter bring about a change in your life.