Age does not matter in friendship

That old man used to sit in the park each day and he was always so lost. Maybe, he thought about the times that went by. He looked so lost in time. I used to see him in the park each day. I am Jim and I am 14 years old, I play with my friends in the park. One day, I saw that man too lost, so I went and asked him. "Hello uncle, can I help you with anything." He did not reply and kept quiet. I thought that maybe he does not talk to children! I asked him again, why do you look so sad all the time? His reply was rather fitting that I am too small to understand.

I told him that I could very well understand the emotions of the heart. He started talking and told that he had a happy family. His son earned well and he had a caring wife. One day his wife died of cardiac arrest and he lost all his happiness. He then tried to move on and told his son to get married. His son was caring until he did what his wife said. His wife did not like him staying with them, so they decided to give him a one-room apartment instead. Now, in his lonely years he yearns for company. I had tears in my eyes, as I could understand his plight.

I told him that he could call me his friend, as I will always be there when he needs me. Slowly, we developed a good bonding and started playing together. We had so much to discuss and talk about in life. I could see that spark in his eyes and that lost sheen that he had lost. Age does not matter when friendship is true.

I knew I had a best friend in him and I am proud of this fact that this friendship is still alive.

An emotional ride for me

An emotional turmoil hit me (Lily) when my parents decided to part ways. I was left all alone and shattered as if no one was there to support me through this tough time. I used to cry for hours thinking that why this happened to me. Why my parents can't stay together? Why I lost my family? My friend Jane came along at that time and supported me a lot.

Jane was there when no one really cared about my emotions and me. She was there with me 24/7 to support me through that tough time. She used to make me understand that things are better of letting go than holding on. If two people are not meant to be, they will never be together in life. I learned my lesson a hard way and accepted the fate. If it were not for Jane, I would have slipped into depression. My mom and dad stay separately and I stay with my mom. I also meet my dad. But, the bond that I cherish the most in life is with Jane. She is my soul sister and she has supported me every time.

I am happy that she is my best friend and lucky to have her in my life.

An unrequited day

It happened suddenly and I (Claire) had no one except for my two friends who were there. Everything was so good in my life. I had a loving family. My husband was caring and my kids were my world. I had a perfect life if I need to put in a few words. One day something happened that changed my world and left me shattered. My husband and my two kids went for a drive because they wanted to enjoy some time alone. But, that drive turned into a nightmare for me as after an hour I got a dreadful call that my husband and kids are no more. They met with an accident on the road. My world crumpled down and I could hardly speak for days.

My two friends Lucy and Jamie took care of me at that time. They not only supported me at that time but also helped me get my life back on track. After one year of losing my family, I adopted a kid with the help of my friends Lucy and Jamie. I am happy with my kid today. At the same time, I have many wonderful memories of my family in my heart that I will cherish forever.

Thanks to my two friends who have been there for me all the while. They proved what friends are for in life!

He smiled again in life

There was something so wrong with Tom. He used to stay isolated and never mingled with his classmates. Even during his break time, he used to sit in a corner near the class window. Day by day, he was going from bad to worse. I used to play with all my friends during break time. But, one day I just decided to confront Tom about his behavior in the class.

I (Mike) finally went and asked him, "Tom why don't you talk to other classmates? Why don't you have any friends? Why do you always look so worried? If you will share with me, maybe I can help you out." He did not reply to me and simply told me that I should mind my own business. Actually, I felt bad, but then I thought that maybe he is dealing with something big. Maybe he is going through things that I cannot even imagine. I coaxed him to talk to me again and for days, I did this until one day he decided that he would speak to me after the class gets over.

I waited patiently for Tom that day. He came to me and told me that he lost his father and mother in a car accident and he stays with his uncle. As he is lonely, he has developed a learning disability in life. He cannot concentrate in the class; he is unaware of what is taught to him. He cannot cope up with the pressure of learning. I knew that he had a problem and now I became sure. I felt sorry and hugged him tightly. I told him that he is not alone and I will always be there for him as a friend. I not only gave him much needed support in life. I also helped him with his learning disability. As I am good with academics, I also taught him lessons.

Tom has changed and I am happy for him, he smiles a lot now and plays with other classmates and friends.

I cherish the bond that I share with Tom. He is my best friend!

I still remember her at times

I (Ava) silently went into my room and opened my closet. I saw a picture of my friend. I sat on the bed and remembered the great time I had with my bestie. I had tears in my eyes when I thought about the good times I had with Emma. A friendship that was true with time. Emma and I met in second grade and were besties from then. We shared everything and anything, like sisters would do. Emma was practical and I was the emotional one.

One day she came to me and told me that it is all over between us. I was shattered as I thought that this friendship would last a lifetime. I asked her the reason for the same. I asked her why she does not talk to me anymore and why she is breaking this bond of friendship. She did not reply to me and simply went away. After a week, I came to know from a friend that someone told her that I badmouthed her. Someone told her that I do not think well of her. That was a lie, a third person simply created a rift between a beautiful bond that Emma and I had. I had to move on and she never really came back to me again.

But, I have her picture because she was really close to my heart. I am emotional about people in my life; I lost her in life because of a misunderstanding.

I still remember her and things we did. I still remember our broken friendship.

I will always be there as a friend

Two years back on this day, my friend fainted while we were in a cafe having our regular coffee. I thought it was because she might be tired. Jenny, my friend used to smile a lot but I knew she was not keeping so well. So, I suggested her to visit a doctor and get herself checked. The day she was going to get her medical report was the day I was so nervous. And, then the unexpected happened....

Jenny was diagnosed with Cancer, leaving me shattered. During the course of her treatment, I saw her in a very bad shape and that made me cry each day. I decided to shave my head as well to support her in her treatment. The day she saw me, she had tears in her eyes. She hugged me so tight and that made me realized what she was going through. I supported her and gave her motivational talks each day. Today, by God's grace, Jenny is fine and we share the same loving friendship vibe.

Jenny and I (Nike) have a friendship that can challenge everything. We share everything in life. We share our pains and happiness. We share things we dislike about each other. We share our goals and career prospects too. We are inseparable like soul sisters. When we want to celebrate, we simply dance.

When we want to have fun, we watch a movie. I love the bond we share.

Save for the last in life

"I knew that you would come along to save me" were his last words. I (Jack) am a soldier and I had a best friend (Dylan) whose no more. Two years back we were fighting a war for our country. The battlefield was difficult and there were constant bullets and grenade attacks from our enemy. We gave our best shot and did our best to defend. Suddenly someone told me that my best friend Dylan is injured badly as a bullet just hit him.

My captain told me that do not leave your position and go to your friend. He will not be alive anyway, just concentrate on what you are doing. I still went to save my friend and he told me that he was waiting for me to take him to a safe place. He told me he wanted to live more. But, destiny had some other plans and my friend died after five minutes. My captain told me that he told it is of no use. I told him that at least I tried saving my friend until his last breath and that is my duty as a friend. My friend's last words were also the same; he knew that I would come to save him.

We won the battle but I lost my friend. I wish I could have saved him, I still remember him with moist eyes.

She went away this way

My friend Mia simply stopped talking to me one day and I (Ella) had no clue. I tried to call her up but she did not pick my calls. I went to her place but she was not there in her house. I left so many messages on social media sites but everything in vain. Where did she just go leaving me this way? She just disappeared from my life. I gave up my hope to find her though I missed her every moment of my life, that kind of friendship we had.

One day, one common friend told that she knows where Mia is. I had mixed emotions. I was happy because I now know where she is but sad because she does not need me anymore in her life. I decided to meet this common friend to know about where Mia is. What she told next shattered me completely. Mia had a life threatening disease and she broke ties with all her friends because she knew she had no time. Tears started flowing from my eyes, as I wanted to know where she was. I traced her address and went to that place only to hug her so tight.

Some friendships are just not meant to be, I reached there and came to know that she is no more. I cried that whole day and cursed myself for not being with her when she needed me the most in her life.

I have moved on but with her memories in my heart forever. She will always remain that special friend of mine.

Some things are not important

Nothing is the same and its money to blame! Do you think money can come between friendships? If you do not, then you must read my story. My friend George and I (Jayden) were inseparable since college days. We discussed everything and had faith that even if things go wrong in life, we will be there to support each other. I trusted him and he also trusted me for everything so things were smooth. After college, we decided to do business together. A partnership was an apt option. We believed that with this kind of trust we would excel in life.

We started with our business venture in partnership and took big company orders. Our business expanded and we became famous for our product. Everything was going good until one day our company suffered a huge loss. There were more losses and our company was on the verge of bankruptcy. George told me that all the losses were because of me and I am not a responsible person. We ended our partnership and business. I still remember that day, as I was shattered to hear that from him. Now, after one year we do not talk to each other. He chose money over me. He still believes that it was because of me we suffered losses. He did not believe me and nothing is the same.

I lost a friend to money and materialistic things.

True meaning of friendship

I (Jacob) lost all my friends but found the real meaning of friendship. Yes, going into the flashback, I would like to tell you about the friendship I had with people. I was rich and I had a car, an apartment and every luxury of life. When I was in college, my father gave me a new luxury car every year. I was quite famous in my college and had many friends. One day I boasted that I have so many friends and I am like a super star.

One simple friend of mine told me that I have friends because I am super rich and I treat my friends with expensive things. I told him that he needs to get a life because that is not true. Well, that thought somewhere did hit me and I thought that let me check if this holds true. One day I declared in my college that my father has no money and he is bankrupt now. I also declared that I have no money and I would lead a simple life! Slowly each friend of mine started drifting apart. All of them gave weird reasons to avoid me. I realized that real friendships are not about money but bonding.

I went to that simple friend and hugged him; he opened my eyes in life. I just have two best friends now but many smiles in life.