True meaning of friendship

I (Jacob) lost all my friends but found the real meaning of friendship. Yes, going into the flashback, I would like to tell you about the friendship I had with people. I was rich and I had a car, an apartment and every luxury of life. When I was in college, my father gave me a new luxury car every year. I was quite famous in my college and had many friends. One day I boasted that I have so many friends and I am like a super star.

One simple friend of mine told me that I have friends because I am super rich and I treat my friends with expensive things. I told him that he needs to get a life because that is not true. Well, that thought somewhere did hit me and I thought that let me check if this holds true. One day I declared in my college that my father has no money and he is bankrupt now. I also declared that I have no money and I would lead a simple life! Slowly each friend of mine started drifting apart. All of them gave weird reasons to avoid me. I realized that real friendships are not about money but bonding.

I went to that simple friend and hugged him; he opened my eyes in life. I just have two best friends now but many smiles in life.