O God who made heaven and earth, it is not difficult for you to destroy the sinners who caused so much of pain to you, their creator. Yet instead of punishing them, you loved them. Yet instead of rebuking them, you forgave them. They crucified your dear son, yet all you did was loved them even more. God, teach me to be more like you so that I too may carry on with your word of love and truth to all I meet. May no person come to me feeling closer to you that they did before they met me. I need your light to shine through me to all my brothers and sisters around me. May I learn to love even my enemies, and may I learn to give another chance to others who have wronged me. Just the way your love never falls out of chances for me no matter how many mistakes I make, may my love for you make me see you in all those I meet. Praise you Lord, thank you Lord. I say this prayer in the name of my sweet Jesus, Amen.