A Soothing Good Night

Another day just went by,
Leaving the memories still so fresh.
The moon the stars have filled the sky,
Like the warmth of life filling my heart.
Never could you wonder how,
Well or not, the day has been.
All you did, to fill it with vows,
To be self made to be gentle and clean.
Letting away all of its bad,
Keeping the good inside your heart.
You well faced it all without being sad,
With the broad subtle smile always on.
Let this night take you in its arm,
Release your troubles and all worries.
Lay down in your bed so warm,
Dream sweet and in no hurry.
Another day has to come,
Another hope will be born.
Another bright smiling sun,
Burning away all the thorns.
Now just lie down and switch off the light,
Look at the entire world wishing you good night.