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Hey Sweetheart, They say that when you, Short Love Letters

Hey Sweetheart,
They say that when you fall in love, everything about that person seems perfect. But I realized that this is not true. When I saw you for the first time, everything seemed perfect. I was attracted to you. But as I got to know you more, I realized that I am falling in love with all your imperfections too. I know that I love you because no matter what how you look, what you say or what you do, nothing seems to change the way I feel about you. Nothing at all seems to take away this feeling of strong affection. I have grown to feel more comfortable around you. So much that I feel I can trust you with anything. You don't feel like an outsider anymore. You feel like my own family. I am in love with you baby. And I always will be. Just want you to know, that no matter whether I show or not, I do!