Hey Beautiful,
I want to write this letter to tell you that I am madly in love with you. It took me just a few seconds to be smitten by your magical charms. As I got to know you, I started falling deeper and deeper in love. Every day I would think that it is not possible to love you anymore and then the next day I would prove myself wrong. I want to tell you that you are a very special person in my life. The way I feel about you is very difficult. I have never been so much in love before and it is just me who feels this way. Should you feel the same way about me, I will feel like I have conquered the world. Should you not, I will still consider myself so lucky to have had the chance to meet someone as wonderful as you. You are that missing piece I had given up on searching for, the missing piece of my heart. So tell me how you feel about me, because I am dying to know. Truly madly deeply waiting for your answer, Your lover!