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Dear Cutie Pie, For a very long, Short Love Letters

Dear Cutie Pie,
For a very long time I would find myself unsure of what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go. This would often make me feel really upset or stressed out. I would get so messed up with not knowing where my life was heading that I would forgot to live. When I met you I learn to enjoy today. I learnt that present is all that matters. I learnt that no matter how life goes or what happens, the only thing that is important is how much we are doing our best today to get there. Baby, you have taught me so much. Every day with you has been a great learning. You are not just my life partner, you are my role model. You are the person I look up to. Today life feels easier knowing that irrespective of the direction I go, I know I have you to accompany me on my journey. Thank you for being my best friend. I need you today and will always need you in my life. I love you.