Our love was arranged by destiny. We had an arranged marriage. He was serious by nature with a no-nonsense attitude. I was fun loving but changed my habits so that he won't get annoyed. We did not instantly hit off. After one year of marriage, we started to like each other but had no guts to confess. One day I got late while working and could not contact him. I reached home pretty late that day. When I rang the bell, he opened and hugged me tight as if he wanted the moment to stop.

He got worried and asked me that why I was late? I explained it to him that I had some work. That was the day when I saw love in his eyes for me. I was sure that day I have married the right soul mate who cares and loves me so much. Till today he is bad at expressing his love, but I come to know from his gestures that he loves me and is afraid of losing me. Though I go out of my way to express my love and he loves that. My love story is truly complete with him. We have had so many silent but magical moments together; we were destined to be together.