She was the most popular girl in our college and I was the quietest guy. I was all nerdy during college days. When I first saw her, something just struck me. I was mesmerized by her beauty and charm. She had many friends in college and I had no guts to approach her. But, one day she came to me to ask for some notes and I gave her. She said that she is fond of simple guys and befriended me. We had conversations and we chatted for hours. Nothing was common still there was a connection of the heart.

Slowly we became best friends. After college, we parted ways and met at the same office. It was a clue of destiny that something amazing is about to happen. We again started chatting and this time we confessed our love for each other. It has been three years since we got married and are happy with each other. I really did not imagine that I would spend my life with someone I used to see from far. I never thought that she would be a part of my life. I guess some things should be left to fate. It was fate that we met, fell in love and are together. I love her a lot and she also loves me. She also calls me her soul mate, which I find sweet. Life is wonderful with her around!