Social media had a role to play in our love story. I love to make new friends in life because I am social by nature. I love to add friends' on Facebook or follow people on Instagram. One day I came across a guy who was a common friend of my best friend. I sent him a friend's request and he ignored. Something was so different about him; I used to check his profile daily. After a month, I got a notification that he has accepted my friend's request. That day I was over the moon, I said Hi to him and he asked me my no. We exchanged our numbers and started messaging each other. He said he does not like to make friends but he sought of liked me.

I had a happy grin on my face. We kept chatting for three months and decided to meet. I was so nervous yet wore my best dress that day. We met at a cafe and shared our stories. It was almost midnight and we did not realize. He dropped me home and gave me a goodnight kiss. His touch made me realize that I am in love with him. I confessed it to him that I am in love with him and he told that he also feels the same. It has been five years now since we are with each other and still so much in love. Oh! I thank my social media profile for making me meet the love of my life.