Age has nothing to do with love. I was never a person inclined towards love. I had no secret crushes when I was small or any college romance. I never dated anyone at work. I was so happy in my own space that I never gave chance to love. I believed in the word love but not the feel of it. I wanted to live my own life so I chose not to get married. Today, at the age of fifty-five I met a person in my annual office seminar. I got intrigued by the way he spoke. He was of my age so I thought he must be married. When he spoke to me, I felt really good getting that kind of attention from him.

We exchanged numbers and chatted for long hours. I felt really comfortable in his company. There was an instant connect from his end as well. I can't help but say that I fell in love with him at this age. Today after two years of dating, we are getting married. I found my soul mate and I now believe that true connection is love. It has nothing to do with age or the way the person looks. I love him and he loves me, that is what truly matters and I am happy with him.