I had an arranged marriage and I never really got a chance to express my love. My wife is introvert by nature so she never spoke about her feelings as well. After our marriage, she kept really quiet. She did everything I told her to. She took care of me but I thought she is not happy with me. When I used to confront her, she never replied me. I was never a healthy person and one day I got to know about my kidney damage. Over the years, the situation got worse and I got sick. The Doctor told me that if someone donates me a kidney, I would have a bright chance to survive.

Next day, my doctor told me that I have such an amazing wife who is ready to donate a kidney so that I can survive. She did not tell me anything but that moment I came to know that she loves me so much and does not want to lose me in life. That was actually a moment of love and I felt really blessed to have her in my life. It's been seven years since she donated her kidney and I am healthy and good. We are not vocal but still take care of each other. Silent care is the other name of love.