A day has just begun for you
You need to smile all through
Don't think what happened yesterday
Coz today is a brand new day
Make the most of your day today
Wishing a very good morning to you!
Feel all new this day!

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A morning is perfect start to plan
It's a new day you must understand
A new horizon to spread your wings
A new way of seeing all things
So, start afresh with a cup of tea
Morning is blissful and it gives you glee
Wishing a very good morning to you!

Opportunities in life are like the sunrise,
If you miss it,
You won't be able to see it again,
So, grab the right opportunity coming your way,
Good morning!

Every morning is a new day,
It's a new chapter of your life,
So start your day with a bright cheer,
And write the story of your life,
Good morning!

Each day is new,
Each day is raw,
Forget what you did or saw,
Because new day brings new cheer,
A very good morning to you my dear,
Have a nice day!

Don't start your day with thinking about the past,
The present is here,
And the future is waiting,
So think positive,
Have a lovely day,
Good morning!

Can you see the brighter side of life?
Well, if you can't,
Then it is important that you polish the dark side,
So that you can experience the day so warm and bright,
Have a lovely morning today,
As I hope you have an awesome day!

Think big and you will be there
What is one that makes you scared,
Let go of your fear to win
You will get where you want to in life
There may be a bit strive
But happiness is waiting for you
Wishing a very good morning to you!
Have a lovely day too!