Don't start your day with thinking about the past,
The present is here,
And the future is waiting,
So think positive,
Have a lovely day,
Good morning!

Other Popular Motivational Good Morning Messages


Just a thought to start your day,
Love your life you live,
And, live the life that you love all the way,
So, keep smiling and spread the cheer,
Wish you a lovely morning my dear!

Think positive as you start your day today,
There are many wishes per say,
With your smile, you can fulfill them all,
Because you are the best in life,
So stand tall,
A very good morning to you,
Have a lovely day!

Each thing starts with a reason
Nothing changes in whale of time
Nothing can really change with season
If you have the right balance of mind
You can face challenge of any kind
So are you ready to face that today
Look, today is a brand new day
Wishing you good morning!

Each new day,
As I pray,
I count my blessings in life,
But, I never forget to mention you,
Coz I count you not once but twice,
Wish you a lovely morning,
Good morning!

Every new day make a resolution for the day,
That you will keep smiling in every situation,
That you will strive come what may,
Wish you a lovely morning,
Good morning!

Hey get up, because it's a lovely day,
Go ahead and have your say,
All the things are waiting for you,
You just have to choose your way,
Have a lovely morning,
Wish you a very good morning!

Opportunities in life are like the sunrise,
If you miss it,
You won't be able to see it again,
So, grab the right opportunity coming your way,
Good morning!