Each morning brings a new hope,
A new blessing for the day,
A new promise to have your say,
And a new smile to start your day,
So, keep smiling,
Have a lovely morning!

Other Popular Motivational Good Morning Messages


Every morning is a new day,
It's a new chapter of your life,
So start your day with a bright cheer,
And write the story of your life,
Good morning!

Morning cheer brings in a new energy
When you feel so vibrant and lovely
There are new ways to do things
New horizons to see in the day
Stay positive and I wish that
You may have a lovely day
Yes a lovely morning today
Wishing you a lovely morning..Good morning!

There is no big difference between doing and dreaming,
Whatever you dream in life, you can do that,
It just depends on your determination and power.
So, go ahead and fulfill your dreams,
A very good morning to you!

If you think of giving up,
Just take a moment to decide,
It may be something worthwhile,
Because of which you waited so long,
So hold your head high and be strong,
Give it another shot,
Wish you a lovely morning!

Leave the stress of yesterday
As today is a brand new day
Make a list of things to do
As you have that will to do
Things will be more easier for you
As it's a wonderful morning oh so new!
A very good morning to you!

A day has just begun for you
You need to smile all through
Don't think what happened yesterday
Coz today is a brand new day
Make the most of your day today
Wishing a very good morning to you!
Feel all new this day!

On this lovely morning,
I really wish that your day is sweet,
And I wish that you get that peace,
And, there will be love in your heart,
For that lovely start,
Good morning!